March 24, 2015

Reply from Commander Head about PIPCU

We received a reply from Commander Head of the City of London Police in relation to our concerns about their IP Crime Unit (PIPCU), which we had raised in our previous letter.

Our previous letter in this series of correspondence, dated 15 September 2014, can be viewed hereWe outlined in more detail our concerns regarding the IP Crime Unit, asking for clarification on PIPCU's legal basis for their activities. In particular, we identified the need for more transparency in relation to the criteria used by PIPCU to determine criminality. 

Commander Head's reply to our letter can be accessed here.

In brief, the Commander refers to the police unit's statutory mandate under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, Fraud Act 2006 and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. He also explains the guidelines and process followed by PIPCU in exercising their mandate.

UPDATE: Although Commander Head has helpfully responded to our letter in much detail, there are still some remaining concerns that were left unanswered. We raise these points in our following letter to Commander Head.