Appendix I: ORG people


ORG Patron

  • Neil Gaiman, author


ORG Advisory Council

  • Owen Blacker (NO2ID, mySociety,
  • Nick Bohm (The Law Society, FIPR)
  • Ian Brown (Oxford Internet Institute, NO2ID, FIPR, Privacy International, Creative Commons UK, European Digital Rights)
  • John Buckman (Creative Commons, Magnatune, Bookmooch)
  • Richard Clayton (University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, FIPR)
  • Tom Coates (Yahoo!, BBC)
  • Alan Cox (Developer: Linux, FIPR)
  • Grahame Davies (Demon Internet, Easynet, LINX)
  • Cory Doctorow (Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons, BoingBoing, author)
  • Lilian Edwards (The Institute for Law and the Web, University of Southampton)
  • Wendy Grossman (Guardian, Daily Telegraph, ZDNet, The Inquirer, The Register)
  • Ben Hammersley (The Times, Guardian, Observer)
  • Paula le Dieu (BBC, Creative Commons International, Magic Lantern)
  • Stef Magdalinski (, mySociety,,
  • Kevin Marks (Google)
  • Desiree Miloshevic (Afilias, Internet Society)
  • Keith Mitchell (Internet Systems Consortium, UK Network Operators’ Forum)
  • David Rowntree (Blur)
  • David Weinberger (Berkman Centre for Internet and Society)
  • Jonathan Zittrain (Oxford Internet Institute, Harvard Law School)
    ORG Board of Directors (present)
  • Suw Charman, March 2007–present (social software consultant, former Executive Director of ORG)
  • James Cronin, Company Secretary, October 2005-present and Acting Treasurer, June 2007–present (BBC, NO2ID,, mySociety,, Venda Ltd, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates)
  • Louise Ferguson, Chair, October 2005–present (Usability Professionals’ Association, Design for Democracy)
  • David Harris, October 2007–present (IT and IP barrister)
  • William Heath, Vice-Chair, December 2005–present (Kable, FIPR)
  • Ben Laurie, December 2005–present (The Bunker, The Apache Software Foundation, OpenSSL, Google)
  • Dan McQuillan, October 2007–present (Multikulti, Amnesty International)
  • Danny O’Brien, December 2005–present (Electronic Frontier Foundation,, Need-to-Know)
  • Rufus Pollock, December 2005–present (Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, Open Knowledge Foundation, Creative Commons UK, Free Culture UK)
  • Vijay Sodiwala, October 2007–present (BSkyB, News International, Tiscali, Video Networks)


ORG Board of Directors (past)

  • Ian Brown, Treasurer, December 2005–June 2007
  • Stefan Magdalinski, October 2005–October 2006


ORG Staff

  • Suw Charman: Executive Director, January 2006–January 2007
  • Becky Hogge: Executive Director, January 2007–present
  • Michael Holloway: Operations Manager, April 2006–present
  • Jason Kitcat: E-voting campaign coordinator, April 2007–September 2007


With EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to ORG’s amazing volunteers Adam Giles; Adam McGreggor; Alistair Alexander; Anthony Quinn; Austin Chamberlain; Chris Mear; Chad Nelson; Chris Adams; Chris Waigl; Chris Wilson; David Goodman; David Thomson; Denise Wilton; Felix Cohen; Glyn Wintle; Howard Burdett; James Casbon; James Heaver; Jonathan Baker-Bates; Jonathan Hogg; Jordan Hatcher; Lemon; Marc Hankins; Mark Levitt; Martin Taylor; Mat Booth; Mike Little; Neil Holmes; Norman Gray; Philip Nicholls; Richard Cain; Richard King; Robin Fisher; Ryan Alexander; Sam Smith; Sheila Thomson; Simon Temple; Stephen Bridges; Steven Murdoch; Tim Cowlishaw; Tony Kennick

And with many thanks to Venda Ltd for the rent-free use of office space, the endless free cups of coffee and the free use of meeting and conference facilities within which to bring all these wonderful people together.

Appendix II: Company information

Company number: 5581537 Registered in England and Wales


Registered Office: Open Rights 12 Duke’s Road London WC1H 9AD

Office Address:Independent Examiner: GAP Leigh-Pollitt Chartered Accountant The Old Post Office Stoke by Nayland Suffolk CO6 4SA

Bankers: Cooperative Bank plc PO Box 101 1 Balloon Street Manchester M60 4EP

Appendix III: ORG publications

All Open Rights Group publications are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 licence.




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