Digital Rights Issues

The Open Rights Group was deliberately set up to have a very wide remit that would cover any issue where digital technologies affect civil liberties, consumer rights or human rights.

Technology moves rapidly and it is essential that ORG be able to respond to unexpected and unpredictable developments. Although ORG is unable to campaign on all the issues that are current at any particular time, our main areas of interest are:

Access to knowledge

  • Copyright term extension
  • Copyright reform
  • Alternative licensing schemes, such as Creative Commons
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Software patents
  • Access to public sector data
  • Access to public service content

Government and democracy

  • E-voting
  • Freedom of Information

Privacy, surveillance and censorship

  • Data protection, data-sharing
  • Transformational government
  • National vehicle tracking database
  • National DNA database
  • Data retention
  • Interception of communications
  • Network-level content-blocking
  • Media regulation