Electronic voting and electronic counting

Thanks to ORG's previous campaigning, electronic voting has stayed off the UK government's agenda even after the general election changed the minister and department responsible for these matters. However we were disappointed to see both the Scottish Government and London Elects remain committed to the use of electronic counting for elections they will be administering in 2012. In London's case this was in the face of strong criticism of the cost-benefit analysis used to justify the decision coming from ORG and the Electoral Commission. London Mayor Boris Johnson dodged questions on the matter, deferring to his Chief Executive Leo Boland, who has previously expressed his hope they can move quickly to completely electronic elections.

The UK government have accelerated the move to individual voter registration. This is a good step to improving the security of our election processes which overall ORG has welcomed. However, what sort of data matching is used to verify individual identities is a source of potential concern. ORG remains engaged with the key stakeholders in electoral processes and is planning to observe the electronic counting of the Scottish local elections and London mayoral plus assembly elections in May 2012.