ORG’s future plans

Supporter growth

Supporter growth has been rapid in the last few months, and we hope to continue this trend. Supporter income is the best and most sustainable way to build the Open Rights Group and gain the ability to campaign on all the issues we need to cover.

We will continue to have ambitious growth targets, and will translate this into action by funding new staff and campaigns.

New grants and staff

The grant that OSI have given us for a year of full time work on copyright represents a major opportunity and a step up in the level of work we can do in outward campaigning. We are extremely grateful to OSI for this opportunity, which we believe comes at a critical moment in the copyright debate.

From our supporters perspective, however, copyright is but one of the fronts on which ORG must fight. The digital age is bringing wide changes to the ways that information is used, bringing both privacy threats and attempts to restrain positive change to protect vested interests. The dominant theme is that ORG needs to bring the voice of citizens and our interests firmly into the political debate.

From the perspective of funders, our work may be seen as falling into three broad categories: copyright and information related, privacy related and consumer related. We have secured a grant for our copyright work from OSI for one year, building on the work we did in the Term Extension campaign.

We clearly need to find funding to match this level of work for privacy related issues and the wider ‘digital rights agenda’ – covering our ‘consumer rights’ and keeping the internet and competition open. This latter set of issues may be best funded from ORG supporter contributions, but there are certainly grant making bodies with a strong interest in civil rights including privacy and we will aim to approach these in the coming months and year.