Health of our organisation

AC and board recruitment

This summer, we held a very successful open nominations process for the Advisory Council. The result was a number of high profile experts joining the AC, including Tom Watson MP, Jerry Fishenden, and Heather Brooke.

This winter we are holding board elections in which paying supporters are entitled to stand and vote. We will also be holding an open board nominations process. In these ways, we wish to open up our governance procedures, both to be transparent, but also to gain the greatest expertees and knowledge to help ORG move forward.

New volunteer activities

ORG has taken a definite decision to increase the number of activities that supporters can help us with this year. We have aimed to make these easy things to do that help build our movement and let individuals contribute to political and financial pressure for governments and corporations to change their habits.

We run many of our projects through voluntary activity, from Sys Admins, web projects, wiki maintenance, our news blog and legal discussion list. We will always depend on volunteers to reach our full potential, and would like to thank them for their very valued work.

You can find more details about the things you can do at:

Website and recruitment

This August, we changed both our website and made our supporter sign up process much easier. Our aim was to make it easier for people to find ways to defend their rights, to find out what our major campaigns are and to encourage people to join as supporters.

We have also made a point of growing our online networks, with an Action email alert and an active Twitter (since June 2008) and Facebook presence. The result has been that we are now able to reach new supporters easily and get them involved with our digital rights campaigns. This is also producing more people joining.

During October and November, the first two months that ORG was able to push people to our website like this, over 200 supporters joined us and over 450 people emailed Peter Mandelson via our pages. This was a moment of very high passion of course, but we hope we can continue to translate that passion into action over the coming years.

We continue to find people through traditional means, of course. Many people join ORG after coming to one of our events, or meeting us at a stall at a conference, or hearing us speak. Special thanks goes to Glyn who has recruited great numbers of people to ORG at events like these.