Despite record-breaking music sales, UK music lobbyists renew calls for drastic anti-piracy action

Phil, 01 January 1970

TF reports (source):

"Last week the BPI released their overview of 2010 sales volumes in the UK. As always, their press release was filled with claims that piracy is ruining their industry and most mainstream media was quick to republish this propaganda. However, we can use the very same data to show that more music is being sold than ever before, and argue that piracy is likely to have had very little impact.

Read the original BPI press report (extracts below)

"meaningful action to tackle illegal downloading remains absolutely critical if we are to stabilise British music sales, let alone return to growth.  Without it, investment in new digital services and in British musical talent will begin to dry up"

"It is now crucial that action to stem illegal downloading, incentivising continued investment in this popular art form, is implemented decisively and urgently."

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