Help hire ORG's full-time Legal Director

ORG's trying to recruit a full-time experienced lawyer.

Help hire ORG's Legal DirectorCan you join ORG now to help us expand our legal work?

In the next month we'll be recruiting a Legal Director to help us intervene in crucial court cases and bring real legal expertise to our policy work.

We already have the funding to take on a part-time Legal Director. But to bring in a full-time experienced lawyer who can drive ambitious legal projects we're relying on lots of new supporters joining ORG.

We are well past half way to our target! We needed 200 people to join to help pay for 2 extra days a week. Now we need just 50 32 new supporters to employ our Legal Director 5 days a week

Join ORG now to help defend and promote our digital rights in the courts.

In court cases where our digital rights are at stake, it's quite possible that the judge won't hear any pro-digital rights arguments from any of the parties in the case.

We can't let government and big web companies go unchallenged in the courts. It's crucial that ORG keeps expanding its legal work. If we don't, we'll be missing major opportunities to promote and defend our digital rights.

When people join ORG, they usually give between £5 and £10 each month.

ORG merchandise and branded itemsWhat are the benefits to being an ORG supporter?

  • You'll get discounts to all our ticketed events
  • Give £5/month or more and you'll get a free ORG t-shirt!
  • You'll get a copy of our latest reports and ORG stickers to show your support
  • Vote (or stand!) in board elections
  • You'll help influence our policy and direction throughout the year
  • You'll join an engaged community of activists taking direct action to stand up for digital rights

Why join ORG? 

ORG are a small organisation but we punch well above our weight. Besides defending digital rights in the courts, we've done considerable work on surveillance, privacy, copyright, open data and data protection.

  • We're working with a huge coalition of campaigners and civil liberties groups to generate a mass joint campaign against state surveillance as revealed by Edward Snowden
  • We're running a legal challenge at the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that the Government's authoritarian surveillance practices have been unlawful
  • We successfully campaigned against the Snoopers' Charter for 2 years and made sure it was dropped
  • We produced our Digital Surveillance report offering reasonable alternatives to proposed investigatory powers
  • We won Human Rights Campaigner of the Year at the 2012 Liberty awards

How do I join?

Joining by Direct Debit is the best way for us. It’s much cheaper to do the paperwork meaning more of your hard-earned cash can go towards hiring a full-time Legal Director.

ORG supporters usually give between £5 and £10 each month, but please be as generous as you can afford to be.

If you don't want to use a Direct Debit, you can also set up a PayPal subscription. However, PayPal will cancel your subscription when your card expires so please use DirectDebit if you can.

And if I'm a Student or Unwaged?

We have a reduced join rate for students/unwaged:
Join for only £5/year