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IPBill Committee stage latest sitting

The House of Lords debated the IPBill in the Committee this Wednesday for the last time before the summer recess. The topics covered the Internet Connection Records (ICRs), the Request Filter and equipment interference. Here is a brief breakdown of what was said. We will be back in September with more.


Supporter Newsletter: July 2016

The political events of the last month, including the referendum and appointment of a new Prime Minister, could have a major effect on digital rights in the UK. We continued campaigning against the IP Bill in House of Lords, responded to the European net neutrality consultation and are preparing our response to the new Digital Economy Bill. All of this while exploring the potential consequences of Brexit for digital rights. As always, we cannot do this work without your support. The next years will be some of the most difficult and important we have had yet.


Is the CJEU passing the buck on data retention?

It is an increasing feature of debates about the mass retention of data that nobody wants to be the person that says yes or no. It is so clearly problematic to retain huge amounts of personal data, and in some cases to analyse it, that it is hard to see how it could ever be reconciled with the right to privacy.

Press Release

ORG responds to CJEU Opinion into data retention

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union has published his Opinion on data retention by EU member states. The subsequent judgment will have implications for the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) and the Investigatory Powers Bill (IP BIll).