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10 years in prison for file-sharers

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Open Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. We are funded by over 3,000 people like you.


Submission to Electoral Commission 15 Year Review

ORG's submission to the Electoral Commission's review - "The future of the Electoral Commission"


A fair way to close the value gap

The music industry says that artists, labels, and songwriters are getting a raw deal from services that…

Press Release

Copyright reform fails EU citizens in favour of industry

Open Rights Group has criticised the European Commission's proposals for the Directive on Copyright in the Single Market, published today.


GCHQ should not push ISPs to interfere with DNS results

GCHQ have a dual and rather contradictory mandate: they are asked to get around security measures, break into systems and snoop on citizens. They are also asked to protect the UK from cyber attacks by improving security protections.