For October 21, 2013

ORG-London monthly pub meet-up, this month with guest speaker Gavin Starks of the ODI speaking about balancing open data and privacy.

Speaker: Gavin Starks, CEO of the Open Data Institute (ODI) will be giving this month's talk. 

Open Data is information available for free to be used by anyone, for any purpose. For example, someone could take open data related to health from local councils and make an app which maps out the healthiest places in Britain.

Gavin will be speaking about the balance between the public good of opening data up to share information and the privacy risks of sharing that same data.

Does Open Data include personal information? How can those involved make sure that as they release and use more data, people's personal information isn't included? Who should have the choice or control over what to share? 

These are the challenging questions being asked as more data is opened up. Come along and hear the perspective of an expert on Open Data!

Doors open 7.00pm, speaker starts 7:30pm

Time for Q&A and plenty of discussion afterwards! 


The Reliance
336 Old Street

Limited places! Sign up to the meet-up group here.