For September 17, 2013

Censorship monitoring protect

Tuesday at 8pm, with mumble testing from 7.30pm if you need it, to discuss helping with our censorship monitoring tech project

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I hope lots of people can make it. Before the call please do look at and edit the wiki pages, that describe the initial thoughts about

i) Architecture
ii) Functionality 

Here's a suggested agenda for the meeting

1. Are we happy with the architecture and spec as a starting point?
- The ooni project is very much alpha - is this too much or a risk.?
- is the security model for the communication between the onnib and ooniprobe sufficient?
- should we work with the MySociety code base or not?
- What would be sensible phases?

2. Are four workstreams OK?
- Probes
- site
- middleware/oonib
- legal

3. Who can co-ordinate / work on each workstream?

4. Language selection etc.... (may well depend on 3)

5. Next steps and project timetable

Please let me have suggestions for other things that we need to discuses / agree on.