For November 07, 2012

Manchester MP candidates digital debate

Date: 7pm – 7th Nov 2012

Location: Dancehouse Theatre  (Free Entry)

Manchester Central candidates will be challenged to explain how they will defend citizen's privacy and free speech online.

Recent arrests for “offensive tweets” and proposals to put the whole UK population under Internet surveillance and data collection have thrown digital issues into the forefront of political debate.

Candidates will be asked how they will protect Manchester's voters from dangerous Internet policies, and also ensure that the local digital economy is supported.

Newly formed Manchester Open Rights Group has teamed up with NUJ New Media, No2ID Manchester and Free Software Foundation Europe to run the event which is being widely promoted.

Presentations will also be followed by a Q and A and debate giving the public a chance to quiz candidates on issues effecting one of Manchester’s largest and fastest growing industries.

As well as the digital economy, we invite comments and questions on the use of the Internet for social change and views on the proposed increase in powers of surveillance.

Free Tickets are available from

There is a booking cost if you book online – But you can get a free reservation by ringing the Dancehouse Box Office on 0161 2379753


Tom Dylan – Green Party
Marc Ramsbottom- Liberal Democrats
Loz Kaye – Pirate Party
Lucy Powell (invited) – Labour
Matthew Sephton (invited) – Conservatives

with support from

Peter Bradwell – Open Rights Group
Martin Bryant - Managing Editor, The Next Web
John Robb – Louder than War

This event is a partnership between the following groups NUJ New Media Industrial Council, Free Software Foundation Europe, Manchester Open Rights Group and Manchester No2ID.