Seb Schmoller


Seb SchmollerI am based in Sheffield. In May I will be standing down from half time employment as Chief Executive of the educational charity ALT (the Association for Learning Technology My CV is at

I am standing for election because:

  • I support ORG’s aims and was one of the original respondents to the call for individuals to fund ORG. (I am founder number 532).
  • Whilst not an out-and-out expert on digital rights I am reasonably well versed in the issues, through my role in ALT, through my independent consulting -, and through the reading and thinking that is required to write Fortnightly Mailing -, a blog-cum-newsletter about on-line learning and the Internet that I have written since 2002 and to which over 500 people are subscribed. For an example of the kind of thing I write go to
  • I am very experienced in the operation of member-led organisations because I have worked for one for nearly 10 years.
  • I know about employment relations issues, from both a manager perspective and from the perspective of an experienced trade union representative.
  • I can confidently articulate technology-related policy issues and I am good at building consensus in teams and on committees. I can normally make effective interventions in public meetings.
  • I am personally committed to the principles of Open Access publishing, and have recently been closely involved in the transition of ALT’s peer- reviewed journal from conventional to fully Open Access. See Though I will continue to work independently, standing down from my role in ALT gives me gives me the flexibility and control over my own time to be able to contribute properly to the work of the ORG Board. I would relish the opportunity to do so.

I ask for your support.