Ryan Jendoubi


  • Email: ryan.jendoubi@gmail.com
  • Skype: rjendoubi
  • Google+: Ryan Jendoubi
  • Twitter: @doubious
  • identi.ca: @doubi

Ryan JendoubiI have been an ORG supporter since before the organisation was officially founded. While I follow other campaign groups, I believe that ORG protects the fundamentals of how we individuals relate to each other and the state, which are foundational for all the other aspects of a free and just society we want for ourselves and for people in other parts of the world.

I studied politics (and Japanese) at undergrad and am currently finishing a law conversion course in Bristol, giving me a good appreciation of the social and legal aspects of ORG’s campaign issues. I’m also an active user and developer of open source software and open data resources: I’ve participated in Google’s Summer of Code twice for The Perl Foundation and am driving an initiative to make UK case law more accessible and usable for the public. This means I can also engage with the technical aspects of ORG’s work from an informed perspective.

As to direct engagement with ORG activities, I did a summer internship in the London office last year. The first part was spent researching data protection policy in the UK and in Europe in preparation for the legislative reform which is currently under way. The latter part was spent researching the actual availability of copyright material through regular search engine results, and seeking to make that research process easier by developing a surveying tool (work in progress!) More recently I helped run the ORG stand at the FLOSSUK conference in Edinburgh.

I’m a fairly active and engaged individual. In my last two years at uni I’ve been a student society secretary, a caseworker and project leader for Innocence Network UK, a course rep, tech director for an online user engagement platform, a mooting finalist and debating quarter-finalist, been involved in a lot of entrepreneurial activities, and even occasionally managed to study some law. This shows I’ve got a lot of energy for voluntary activities and I’m keen to put it to use with ORG.

I think the most important things about ORG are its role of oversight of government and corporate encroachments on our privacy and digital freedoms, and having a bunch of dedicated, smart people, often working at very short notice, formulating rational policy responses to social issues which are very complex. I care deeply about the organisation’s goals and would be honoured to serve as a board member.