John Elliott


John ElliotI am standing for election to the board of ORG because I have the necessary skills and experience to help run the essential background activities of financial management, governance, and strategic oversight which are the board’s core responsibilities. It is the board’s job to build a strong, sustainable organisation to allow ORG to protect our digital rights.

The next few years are going to be very busy. ACTA, CCDP and the new EU data protection regulation are just three bits of significant legislation that will drive ORG’s agenda; there will of course be others. Around 2015 there will also be a general election, and we all know the bizarre things that can happen in the wash-up when a government ends.

To be able to provide significant interventions in these areas and others, ORG needs to be strong: this needs money and a wide supporter base. After the brilliant work opposing the DEA, ORG is short of cash and I’d see my main contribution to the board as taking some responsibility for fundraising and membership, aiming to:

1. Increase our regular monthly income, thereby improving working capital and allowing growth.

2. Build up a small reserve fund to enable ORG to respond quickly to external events.

3. Develop a campaign-based, kick-starter type pledge bank so that people can donate money and time to specific one-off projects they feel passionate about.

4. Increase membership to give ORG more influence and greater financial stability. There must be more that 1,400 people in the UK who care sufficiently about their digital rights to join ORG – we just need to reach out to them.

About me

I have run my own small business, which is around the same size as ORG, for over 15 years. I’m used to dealing with the financial, HR, legal or regulatory problems that face small organisations. Professionally I work as an information security consultant in the area of governance, risk and compliance. I help companies protect personal and credit card data. I’m a Certified Information Security professional (CISSP), a member of BCS - the Chartered Institute for IT and a member of the Institute of Directors. My passion, and the reason I became involved with ORG is the protection of individual privacy. I see my main role on the board to help build the inner strength of ORG, to enable us to continue to protect our digital rights.