Gervase Markham


Gerv MarkhamAbout Me

I work for Mozilla, where I’ve been involved for over 10 years, first as a volunteer and now on staff with responsibility for project governance. Mozilla is becoming much more active on digital rights; we led on SOPA/ PIPA, and I was recently asked to lead our response to ACTA. I am married with a new baby, and we live in Sheffield. I’m a follower of Jesus, a lover of good cheese, and a fan of Liverpool FC.

ORG Involvement

I am Founder #13 of ORG, and have been a continuous supporter. In 2008 I was part of the team observing the electronic counting of the London elections, where we concluded that we did not have confidence in the counting process. In 2012 O2 mobile broadband blocked access to my church’s website as “18+ content”, and my case was used in the launch of ORG’s new site for reporting mobile content blocking.

Board Role

Being on the ORG Board is an “engine-room” job and an enabling role; the Advisory Council provide policy direction, and the staff and volunteers do the visible work. Making sure internal things run smoothly, and people can get on with what they do best, is what I do in my day job, and that’s what I’d seek to do for ORG.

Why Me?

I bring energy, enthusiasm and clear thinking to whatever I do, and I’d like to direct some of that towards the success of ORG. I have experience of the non-profit world due to my long association with Mozilla.

ORG is, rightly, a non-partisan organization, and I believe will be strongest when its leadership has a diverse set of political views. I am not a member of any political party, but I think I come at issues from somewhere rather different to many of the current board, staff and advisory council, and I hope I can add a “stereo view” and also help us use arguments which appeal to a wider constituency.

I have no formal legal training, but at Mozilla I regularly do legal work, and was heavily involved in the drafting of the new Mozilla Public License 2. I have an eye for detail which I think will stand me in good stead.

Please do ask me questions, either on the mailing list or by email. For privacy reasons, I’m an infrequent user of social media.