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Help fundraise for us

By Ruth Coustick-Deal on Jan 29, 2015.

By Ruth Coustick-Deal Jan 29 2015

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Can you take part in our member referral scheme and help ORG grow this year?

Lords should drop the Snooper's Charter and let the parties set out their views at the election

By Jim Killock on Jan 27, 2015.

By Jim Killock Jan 27 2015

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Yesterday’s Lords debate ended up with the future of the Snooper’s Charter amendments uncertain, after considerable criticism of both the process and the principle of reintroducing the Communications Data Bill into the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill. Further debate on the amendments may come back at the report stage of the Bill.

Default censorship is wrong and unfair to Sky's customers

By Richard King on Jan 20, 2015.

By Richard King Jan 20 2015

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Web-filters should be opt-in only. It's fine to offer them but it's wrong to force them on people.

Join today and vote for digital rights

By Ruth Coustick-Deal on Jan 15, 2015.

By Ruth Coustick-Deal Jan 15 2015

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Help ORG fight mass surveillance this election year.

What does David Cameron want?

By Jim Killock on Jan 13, 2015.

By Jim Killock Jan 13 2015

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Is David Cameron really attacking the idea of encryption of our everyday communications? Is what he is suggesting even remotely possible?

Letters from ORG's Advisory Council members: Mass surveillance is not needed

By Pam Cowburn on Jan 13, 2015.

By Pam Cowburn Jan 13 2015

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The following letters by ORG Advisory Council members Paul Bernal and Simon Phipps were published in the Evening Standard on 12 January.

The response to the Charlie Hebdo murders is not more untargeted surveillance

By Pam Cowburn on Jan 09, 2015.

By Pam Cowburn Jan 09 2015

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It is still too early to say what could and couldn't have been done to prevent the murder of 12 people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris on Wednesday

ORG signs amicus brief in Microsoft case

By Elizabeth Knight on Dec 19, 2014.

By Elizabeth Knight Dec 19 2014

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This week ORG signed up to an amicus curiae brief prepared by lawyers for Digital Rights Ireland in the ‘Microsoft warrant case’.

10 Brilliant Moments

By Ruth Coustick-Deal on Dec 18, 2014.

By Ruth Coustick-Deal Dec 18 2014

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2014 has been an amazing year for Open Rights Group. Thanks to our supporters we've had some big wins, and really grown as a movement.

ORGCon Day 2 - Learning How To Campaign

By Lydia Snodin on Dec 08, 2014.

By Lydia Snodin Dec 08 2014

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What happened on the second day of our annual conference? Read about our activism and training day.