Tell your ISP to stop retaining your data

Tell your ISP to stop retaining your data

The European law forcing ISPs to collect our communications data has been struck down but they're still storing our data! Demand that your ISP stops retaining your data now!

In April, the European law forcing Internet Service Providers to collect sensitive data about our web browsing, emails and telephone calls was struck down by the European Court of Justice.

The judges said that the law violated our basic right to privacy. But ISPs in the UK like BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media are still storing our data! On Government advice they're carrying on regardless.

Tell your ISP to stop retaining your data! If the ISPs don't back down, we'll look into taking legal action, using these complaints to support our case.

ORG's Legal Director Elizabeth Knight and solicitors from Deighton Pierce Glynn have prepared a letter in legal language so you can complain to your ISP really quickly.

If you use an ISP other than BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin, you can use this letter to send to them.