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Tell Europe your views on Copyright

The European Union is putting copyright under review. And they want to hear your what you've got to say. This is a unique chance to tell Europe how you think copyright can be made to work properly in the digital age.

Copyright symbols on the back of students in a classroomCopyright reform could solve many problems we face in the online world, such as restrictions on what we can do with digital media we've paid for. But there is also a risk that any changes may be used to cement further restrictions in access to information. Proposals for copyright holders to be able to control who can browse and link to their content go against the very foundations of the World Wide Web.

These are issues that have profound effects on culture, consumer rights and technology. We need to convince the EU that lots of people care about copyright so they bring in the right Europe-wide copyright reform.

Help us by answering the four questions that we've chosen from the long consultation document. You've got only until 5th March to send your response in.

The original questions are in red and below we have given hints about how we'll be answering them.

The European Commission will published received contributions on the Internet. Read their privacy statement for this consultation for information on how they will handle your personal data and contribution.

If you'd prefer to respond to the full 80 question consultation have a look at

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