Defend Privacy: Take action against mass surveillance

NSA and GCHQ are in a committed relationship of over-sharing.

The revelations from Edward Snowden leaks, as shown in the Guardian and the Washington Post have shown how the UK and US governments' surveillance practices are an affront to our basic right to privacy.

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Surveillance, Image by Eric Kesse, CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0

Here's a recap of the 6 key things we've learnt from Snowden's leaks:

1. In an operation called PRISM the NSA gathers content, emails and browser history from major US companies like Facebook, Google and Yahoo. GCHQ have been able to tap into this resource.

2. In the UK the GCHQ programme Tempora taps undersea cables to gather all electronic data passing in and out of the UK.

3. Edgehill is a UK programme which works with its US counter-part Bullrun and seeks to weaken commercial encryption systems, working in secret partnerships with IT industries to insert backdoors into security products.

4. 850,000 NSA employees and American private contractors have access to GCHQ's databases.

5. Companies have little option but to comply with requests for information. In the summer some secure email providers shut down rather than hand over users' data to the NSA.

6. In the UK these practices were hidden from the Cabinet, the National Security Council and the Communications Data Bill Committee, choking democratic debate.

We believe that if enough people speak up we can change how surveillance is done.

Here are just 6 things your support will help ORG achieve:

1. Produce a review into the damage Tempora has done to UK business

2. Challenge the legality of the PRISM & Tempora programmes at the European Court of Human Rights

3. Run an MP Lobby Day to mass petition Parliament for change

4. Organise training around the country to educate people about what is happening

5. Work with a huge international coalition of organisations to petition the US and UK for change.

6. Persuade other campaign groups that defending privacy should be part of their mission

We're already working on some of these actions. Have a read about our Privacy not PRISM legal challenge with Big Brother Watch and English PEN. However, this is the biggest challenge ORG have faced yet and we can't take on all the work we want to.

You can make all of these possible.

These actions will build up a movement to bring about accountable, proportionate, and targeted surveillance.

Every supporter makes our voice more powerful:

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