Stop Phorm

Thanks to action by people like you, Phorm are not about to do a deal with UK internet service providers.

But their technology remains a real threat to our right to privacy.

The EU Commission is currently asking the UK government why citizens’ rights were not properly upheld during Phorm’s trials. Their concerns included the fact that the UK government provides no means for you to complain when a company or individual intercepts your communications, short of taking them to court.

When we wrote to the Commission, they agreed with ORG that in many cases, a communication between a website and a website user may need the consent of both.

Imagine if BT intercepted and analysed your phone calls without asking the consent of your friends. This is the principle that Phorm violated, and why we believe it is still important to act.

Right now, the EU and UK are negotiating. Whatever emerges will fundamentally shape our rights to online privacy.

What to do

  1. Write to your MP and MEP asking them to find out if the government is going to uphold your rights to consent before communications are intercepted. Ask if they intend to give powers to the Intercept Commissioner to deal with illegal interception by private companies.
  2. Sign up for action updates and keep in touch with ORG

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