European elections - Vote for your digital rights

Defend your digital rights at the European elections

On 22nd May we'll be voting in the European elections for MEPs who will make crucial decisions affecting our digital rights.

Open Rights Group is part of the Europe-wide WePromise campaign to make sure we get as many pro-digital rights MEPs as possible.

It's a simple idea. Citizens across Europe promise to try to vote for candidates who will defend our digital rights on issues like surveillance, copyright, data protection and net neutrality

1. Sign the petition on the right to promise to vote for digital rights.

You'll receive an email close to polling day to confirm which candidates in your region have signed the Charter.

2. Email your MEP candidates

Lots of candidates have signed the Charter already but there's still a lot to go. Will your candidates promise to defend your digital rights?

The 10 point WePromise Charter of Digital Rights

Candidates will be signing to say they agree with this statement.

I will oppose any measure that removes the power to make decisions on matters that affect European citizen's fundamental rights from the judiciary or democratically-elected policy-makers, including, but not limited to, any of the points below:

  1. I will promote transparency, access to documents and citizen participation
  2. I will support data protection and privacy legislation
  3. I will defend unrestricted access to the Internet and online Services
  4. I will promote an update of copyright legislation
  5. I will not support blanket, unchecked surveillance measures
  6. I will promote online anonymity and encryption
  7. I will not support privatised enforcement outside the rule of law
  8. I will support export controls of surveillance and censorship technology
  9. I will defend the principle of multistakeholderism
  10. I will promote Free software (Open source software)