No Emergency! Stop the Data Retention Stitch Up!

The Government announced legislation this morning forcing Internet Service Providers and phone networks to carry out blanket retention of your phone calls, your texts, and your Internet browsing history. The plans have the support of the frontbenches of the three largest parties.

But they're pushing this legislation through with hardly any debate in Parliament. MPs will have very little time to read or scrutinise the law before they are expected to vote on it.

Rushing through legislation that is so controversial should never be done. What's more, in April the blanket retention of data contained in today's legislation was found to be unlawful and an infringement of the right to privacy by the Court of Justice of the EU. There's no legal basis for blanket retention to carry on!

Please tell your MP that this Bill mustn't be rushed through. It needs proper consideration to make sure our legal rights are respected.

Key points to tell your MP

  1. We are not currently in a national emergency so Parliament should not rush through emergency legislation. We need proper scrutiny by MPs, Peers and civil society.
  2. The European Court of Justice recently ruled blanket data retention incompatible with human rights legislation. New laws should comply with that judgment.
  3. The UK has an obligation to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights, which we have signed onto and which we should uphold as an example internationally.