Can we have our freedom to joke now please?

Parodies like Downfall videos are one of the most popular ways of making jokes on the Internet.

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But making parodies without permission is illegal in the UK.
Stand up for your right to joke now!

Creative, thoughtful and funny works are removed from public view.  All because some people can't take a joke.

Clearly most people don't see any problem with making parodies.

The current law just doesn't make sense in the modern world.

Making personal copies of music and videos that you've bought is also illegal.

That means we're currently forced to break the law if we want to put our CDs on an MP3 player. Why should you have to pay twice for music you've already bought just to listen to it on a different device?

In December the Government committed itself to introduce reforms by April 2014 that would legalise parodies and personal copying of legally bought media. But there have been delays and no-one's clear why.

They have to table the reform in Parliament in the next two weeks for it to realistically pass through Parliament before the next General Election.

UPDATE - 27th March: Good news but we're not there yet! The Government has finally published the changes that they promised. Now we need to make sure that MPs and Peers approve them when they vote on them soon.

Let's make sure we're not forced to break the law if we want to make funny things!

Can you send a quick email to your MP to ask them to support the changes?

They'll be voting on the copyright reforms really soon.

2. What should I write in my message?

• Ask them to vote for the updates to copyright law!

• Say why parody is important for creativity and freedom of expression.

• If you can, say how you would use the right to parody.

• Say why the current law is outdated if it's criminalising transferring CDs to an MP3 player.