Tell the Home Office: We object to your dodgy IP Act Consultation

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This consultation action is now closed.

The Home Office is rushing through mass surveillance powers under the Investigatory Powers Act but doing their best to make sure we don’t understand the implications.

They lay out their plans in five Codes of Practice that run to over 400 pages of dense legal text. But the Government hasn't properly explained what is in the documents, despite their significance.

They used just fifteen paragraphs to explain the content of the five documents they're consulting on making it impossible what they really contain. The Government's own guidelines say that consultations should “Give enough information to ensure that those consulted understand the issues and can give informed responses.”

The Codes have been altered since the Home Secretary showed the draft Codes to Parliament, but there’s no guidance as to what has changed or why. We’ve found that strict obligations given to the agencies have given way to more general guidance, by changing words like 'must' to 'may'.

Can you email the Home Office to tell her to fix their consultation? They must:

  1. Publish fully detailed information explaining what is in the Codes and why
  2. Run a full consultation over three months so that lawyers, civil society, and other interested groups can suggest how to tighten the codes up.

The consultation deadline is Thursday 6 April at 11:45pm.