European elections - Email your candidates

Will your European election candidates defend your digital rights?

WePromiseThe European elections are on 22nd May.

We'll be electing MEPs who will make crucial decisions affecting our digital rights. 

But we need to know which candidates will stand up for our digital rights on issues like surveillance, copyright, data protection and net neutrality!

Open Rights Group is part of the Europe-wide WePromise campaign to make sure we get as many pro-digital rights MEPs as possible.

It's a simple idea. Citizens across Europe promise to try to vote for candidates who support a comprehensive 10 point Charter of Digital Rights.

Can you send a quick email to the candidates in your region?

Lots of candidates have signed the Charter already but there's still plenty who haven't. Ask your candidates to support the WePromise 10 point Charter of Digital Rights. A copy of the Charter will be automatically attached to your email so they can sign it and return it to the WePromise campaign.

You can also tell them why you think digital rights are important.