Speak out against the Digital Economy Bill

Lord Stephen Carter

House of Lords




26 November 2009



Dear Lord Carter,


Speak out against the Digital Economy Bill


I am writing today to ask you to defend the principles that you devised as part of your original Digital Britain report, particularly those relating to tackling those who illicitly file share music online.


I am sure you know Peter Mandelson's revised plan to disconnect users won't put a single extra penny in the pockets of the recording artists and their agents. A new way of licensing music online must be found, so artists get paid when their music is played, a principle we at the Open Rights Group support. The old way no longer works.


Mr Mandelson's plans as they are currently proposed lay the foundations for a digital dictatorship, against which insignificant safeguards exist, particularly as disconnection from the internet will occur without trial.


Please speak out on this matter. You have many potential friends who will applaud your bravery in publicly opposing the pernicious elements of the Digital Economy Bill.


The economy needs you, freedom of expression needs you, please consider speaking with us. Time is short to stop this reaching the statute book. We need all the help we can get.


Yours sincerely,



Neil Gaiman