Data sharing across government departments

The DE Bill, includes proposals to make it easier for government departments to share data with one another. We are not opposed to this idea in itself. ORG was involved in discussions about how these plans could work and benefit citizens. However, many of the issues that we and other privacy organisations raised have been ignored.

The draft Bill doesn’t explain exactly how data sharing will work and how our data will be kept safe and secure. This information will apparently appear in Codes of Practice. Without these, it's difficult to work out the full privacy implications and whether this could become a kind of ID system. We also have concerns that the sharing of data with private companies.

We want the Government to:

  • Remove Part 5 of the Bill, which outline the proposals for data sharing

  • Re-draft these proposals so that they empower UK citizens and put us in control of our data.

  • Ensure that new legislation guarantees that data will only be shared when necessary and in a way that does not intrude on our privacy

Watch Pam Cowburn - our Communications Director - talk about the data sharing measures in the Bill.


Louise Haigh MP highlighted the lack of privacy safeguards in Parliament