Age verification for pornography sites

Porn viewing histories for 20m? What could possibly go wrong?

The DE Act compels pornography websites to verify the age of their users. This is to try and prevent children and young people from seeing pornography. We have concerns about how this will be implemented. We believe there could be implications for the privacy of many adults, who could be put at risk of Ashley Madison style hacks. We also have questions about the extent to which the proposals will actually prevent young people from seeing pornography.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is the Government's chosen regulator for age verification technology. Thanks to the input from ORG supporters, the BBFC agreed that age verification technology needs strong privacy protection. Unfortunately, the new privacy scheme they recommend is not compulsory. ORG collected, printed and hand-delivered hundreds of letters from UK residents urging the Government to make ORG privacy protection for age verification mandatory.

ORG Legal Director Myles Jackman at the DCMS