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Help us with our report on business impacts of surveillance

We want to hear how UK organisations think the recent surveillance revelations have had an impact on their business or work. Let us know if you feel your organisation has been affected, and we’ll get back in touch to talk about it.

Since the summer we have learned incredible details about our intelligence agencies’ digital surveillance.  

Thanks to Edward Snowden we know that GCHQ and their partners from other countries are able to access and store far, far more of our communications than most of us imagined - most of it, in fact.

They tap the cables carrying our data, try to weaken online security, and seem to habitually share data amongst themselves. The stories have also painted a picture of secretive, weak oversight of these powers and a serious lack of accountability.

We want to know how UK businesses and organisations think this affects them. And if you are in a position to tell us we’d love to hear from you. 

Has this come as a surprise to you? Has your organisation taken steps in response to the stories so far? Have you noticed an impact on your business or other work - whether it is a financial, reputational or otherwise? Are you dealing with data protection, confidentiality, trade secrets, intellectual property or encryption worries? Are you concerned about the US cloud and less likely to to these services? Or are you simply unable to see a reasonable way to manage these risks?

You can use the form to let us know you want to talk to us, and we’ll get then back in touch with you to hear your thoughts.

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