Board Election 2017

Each year, three board members are elected or selected so that the Board rotates. This year our paying supporters elect three. The Advisory Council will elect three next year, and finally three are selected by the Board itself to fill any gaps in skills the Board may have.

We are looking for people who have great management, campaigning, fundraising or legal backgrounds. They should be experienced, with strategic acumen. As a Board member, you have a duty to look after ORG's finances and future. It is a role of guidance and support primarily, and it is your abilities, connections and skills that can help ORG develop.

The Board have a monthly call that deals with finances and fundraising, and a quarterly meeting that deals with organisational performance and health. They often help with practical matters too, when they are able to lend their skills to deal with a particular problem. The Board are regularly involved with staff recruitment, fund raising and networking.

The Board has a formal role of approving annual reports to Companies House and making financial commitments. Board members have the same responsibilities as for any other limited company so must ensure that ORG is running in a financially sound manner. 

Although standing for the Board may seem a large commitment, it is vital both for ORG's growth as a campaigning organisation and digital rights to have good candidates come forward and serve.

Digital rights issues disproportionately affect marginalised groups in our society. We need the expertise and perspectives of those at the sharp end of digital rights if we are to ensure that we are truly campaigning for digital rights for all. We therefore particularly welcome candidates from marginalised and minority groups, including but not limited to women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+ people, and disabled people.

If you have skills, experience and vision that you can apply, please consider standing. You can contact (Executive Director, reports to the Board) or (Board Chair) or (Board member) if you would like to have an informal chat.

The elections are being conducted by Electoral Reform Services. The nomination form is here and is returned to ERS directly.

The ballot will be by post. If you have moved, you should update your address details by emailing