About the Open Rights Group

The Open Rights Group (ORG) is a grassroots technology organisation which exists to protect civil liberties wherever they are threatened by the poor implementation and regulation of digital technology. We call these rights our “digital rights”.

Our digital rights are affected when, for example, the increasing ability of corporate and state entities to store data about our physical make-up, our habits or our communications threatens our right to privacy. Our digital rights are affected when the introduction of computers into the voting process threatens our right to a free and transparent election, or when over-zealous intellectual property legislation, brought into being by the concerns of traditional entettainment conglomerates when faced with new technologies, denies us access to our cultural heritage or threatens our right to freedom of expression. Often, it is simple ignorance that threatens our digital rights: the media and politicians sometimes don’t understand new technologies, but comment and pass laws anyway.

ORG’s aims are:

  • to preserve and extend traditional civil liberties in the digital world;
  • to raise awareness in the media of digital rights abuses;
  • to provide a media clearinghouse, connecting journalists with experts and activists;
  • to collaborate with other digital rights and related organisations; and
  • to nurture a community of campaigning volunteers, from grassroots activists to technical and legal experts.