What we need from you

Wiki contributions

ORG’s Wiki constantly needs new information, on issues, MPs, lobby organisations, and making a note of news reports.

Working with your MPs and MEPs

MPs and MEPs need to hear from constituents. We need you, as a citizen to develop relations with your MP, so they hear from the public, not just industry lobbyists. If you can gain the trust of your MP, then you can start to help them develop their views. After all, it is your vote, not industry, that counts in the end.


If you have spare time in the working week, and live close enough to travel to our offices, you can apply to help as an intern in our offices. Our interns help with research, the new Zine project and video work. Our interns add a lot to ORG’s work, and hopefully learn a lot about digital rights as well.


We are always on the look-out for developers who can help with small coding tasks. You can join our web developers list or our sysadmins team.

ORG Discuss

You can join our email discussion group, if you would like to chip in to discussions about digital rights issues happening now.

Legal experts

Legal experts can join our ORG Law group, and help us with legal advice about government threats.


If you haven’t already, please join ORG! Through regular donations, as well as your activism, we can build our movement. A growing number of people donate, and this is making a huge difference to what we can achieve.