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The Open Rights Group is funded directly by people who care about digital rights. 

Becoming a supporter

Supporting ORG through a regular gift is the best way to help us achieve our long term goals. Our supporters usually give between £5 and £10 each month, but please be as generous as you can afford to be.

  • Joining by Direct Debit is the best way to become an ORG supporter. The paperwork and processing costs are cheaper, meaning more of your hard-earned cash can go towards campaigning for digital rights.
  • You can also set up a PayPal subscription. PayPal often causes cancellations when your card expires so please use DirectDebit if you can. You will not receive the t-shirt or physical pack if you join via PayPal.

Make a one-off donation


If you would prefer to make a one-off donation by PayPal click the button below.

You can now donate or subscribe by Bitcoin (use this button for donations)

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We also accept donations by cheque, made payable to Open Rights Group, to our postal address:
Open Rights Group, Langdale House, 11 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1EN

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Other ways to give

Sponsor an event

Open Rights Group hold an annual conference ORGCon which attracts an audience of over 400 in attendance, and promotional emails to over 40,000. If you are interested in sponsoring this, or another event, please get in touch with

Increase your donation
We understand that it’s a big ask, but if you joined as a student and now work full time, or have a little spare cash, consider increasing your existing membership.

Direct Debit upgrade.

If you give via Standing Order and would like to increase your amount, you can do this through contacting your bank or through online banking.

To talk further about upgrading your membership, just get in touch with